Frequency Asked Questions

Expired domains are domains that have been registered by individuals, businesses, or organizations, but aren’t renewed after the contract ends, or are deliberately terminated. That means that they available for re-registration. There are many reasons why someone would choose to abandon a domain; one reason could be that the web project failed, or that a domain portfolio went into liquidization. Domains can also end up becoming free due to the owner receiving warnings for possible trademark infringement. Re-registering can also result in legal consequences.

When speaking about an expired domain’s backlink profile, this refers to the incoming links that have built up from when the domain was previously in use. Recently-expired domains that have long histories aren’t unheard of. While the pre-existing content of the domain rarely remains visible when the domain is re-registered, links on the other hand do remain, as long as the new owner doesn’t devalue or delete them. It's important to acquire expired domains that have good authority, clean history, no penalties, quality backlinks from trusted sources and unique IPs.

You can use expired domains for 301 Redirects or creating PNB Networks.

MOZ - Domain Authority, Moz Spam
Majestic - Total Backlinks, Unique Backlink Domains, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Number Backlinks came from .gov/.edu domains
Social - Facebook Shares/Comments, StumbleUpon, Pinterest Pins

We get consider - domain authority, total number of backlinks and backlinks came from unique domain names, number of backlinks from .edu and .gov tlds, citation and trust flow. Also, it is important if the link is do follow. We include the origin price of the domain registrar as well.
Let assume that we found in Forbes's article. has been linked as dofollow link. We measure DA, total backlinks, unique domain pointing to, citation/trust flow of the In the total price we append .tv domain price.

You pay for renting expired domains for period of time, could be a year or more. Meantime, you can manage it - remove/add redirects or set domain nameservers if you plan to grow your PNB network.

As many as you want. It's about your needs.

At the moment, only Paypal.

Yes, we have Money back guarantee for up to 14 days.

Imagine, if the domain name is public, how fast will be bought. Also, think about if all users could see the domain that you purchased and do 301 redirect. Your competitors could easily report your actions. So, we would like to prevent you by similar injuries.

Yes. But there is a tax plus additional fee. Contact us for more information.

Unfortunately, no! We strongly keep in secret the domain name.

When someone add to the Cart particular domain, it comes 'reserved' and could not be added by someone else for 30 minutes. Attention: you can add to the cart particular domain only one time!

Domain Forwarding and Set NameServers. If anything else is needed, just contact us.

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